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Vermont Sauna and Hot Tub -- Wood-Fired Saunas and Tubs Hand-Built in Vermont

At Vermont Sauna and Hot Tub, based in Newfane, Vermont, we have been hand building saunas, hot tubs, barns, bespoke outhouses, treehouses and other out buildings for many years. If you've been dreaming about a custom-built sauna, a steaming cedar hot tub, or any other handmade outbuilding, Vermont Sauna and Hot Tub is your answer. Jeff and his carpenters, Gary and Mark, have been hand-crafting wooden tubs and saunas on a little mountainside farm in southern Vermont since 1998. Vermont Sauna and Hot Tub builds saunas by hand, to your specifications. Aromatic and durable cedar planks line the inside of our saunas, while the outside is wrapped in hemlock, harvested and milled at Carpicorn Farm in Vermont. Whether you want an intimate 2-person unit, or you're looking to accommodate a group of 10, Vermont Sauna and Hot Tub has a wood-fired sauna design that fits your needs, and budget. No nails or glue are used in the construction of these hot tubs. Finely-milled Western Cedar staves are bound together by tongue-and-groove construction, then wrapped in stainless steel bands. A wood-fired stove heats the water, meaning no high electricity bills or costly maintenance schedule. You're invited to visit Capricorn Farm in Newfane, Vermont, to see these gorgeous one-of-a-kind tubs, saunas and outbuildings firsthand. Or visit for more information.

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