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Watch "Please Excuse my Hands" - Plies featuring Jamie Foxx ( Parody)

"Please Excuse My Gas" is the 5th Video from "Tha Sharter 3". This time Keith apologizes to his girl ( played by the lovely & talented DEE VASGUEZ from Hot 97, Munos, & TV ONE) for farting in her presence.the best way he knows how. By spoofing Plies, Jamie Foxx & The Dream. Get KeithFromUpdaBlock's CD "American Prankster" On Itunes Official KeithFromUpDaBlock T-Shirts Please Subscribe Here on YouTube & add me on these sites For Bookings, Mp3's & info Email KeithFromUpDaBlock@Gmail.com "Please Excuse My Gas" parody of "Please Excuse My Hands" by Plies featuring Jamie Foxx and The Dream Chorus Baby Please excuse my gas It came out in a rush I know its really smells It made my trousers warm Baby just excuse my gas Please excuse my gas I apologize, it was those curly fries It came out my behind Baby just excuse my gas 1st verse All that gas came from eatin spicy chicken wings WIt came blazin out my boodie I just can't explain It melted all that cheap plastic on ya bed frame You should pull my finger or better yet spark a flame It was liquidy I hope it didn't leave a stain. In my boxers breifs, I'm a wash it out again with gain, A big ole fart came out my ass you better move away Or it'll massage ya nostrals. My doo doo scented spray. U wanna get comfortable shoot a fart off and go insane Ima take my pants off and blw you into yesterday Nacho cheese, Itallian Hogies and dat Sugar cane It aint my fault baby My ass the one to blame. Chorus 2nd verse ( sung) I'm pootin like this, and poontin like that I prolly should go leave and hit up a bathroom. Smells like cheeze wiz just sepped out my crack. I prolly should go leave I gotta take a # 2. There's a rumblin in mah tummy like OHHH! Itz kinda funny cuz ya mouth was open! I said excuse my gas, She said damn that stankin Take a shower and turn on the fan. Chorus End

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