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Watch Apollo 13 (1995): Reporting the Problem

The clip Reporting the problem from Apollo 13 (1995) with Kathleen Quinlan. Powered by: Anyclip. any moment from any film. I like those ingenious girl watchers who put on Con Edison helmets... and dig trenches in the street to get a better view. But I... Hey, speaking of girl watching, did you know that our first bachelor astronaut is on his way to the moon? Is it Swigert? Yeah, first bachelor. He's the kind, they say, has a girl in every port. He has that reputation. He's sort of foolishly optimistic, taking nylons, Hershey bars to the moon. Did you read that three million... What do you say? Less viewers or fewer viewers? Three million fewer viewers, uh, watched the space shot than did the last one. Uh, I... Colonel Borman is h... An ABC New... Here is ABC science editor Jules Bergman. The Apollo 13 spacecraft has lost all electrical power, and astronauts Jim Lovell, Fred Haise and Jack Swigert... are making their way through the tunnel to the lunar module, using it as a lifeboat, so they'll have electrical power for their radios on the command module. Apollo 13 is apparently also losing breathing oxygen... Slow down. An electrical failure. What exactly does that mean? The emergency has ruled out any chance of a lunar landing... and could endanger the lives of the astronauts themselves... if the LEM oxygen supply, plus whatever is left of the command module's oxygen, can't last them until they can get back to Earth. What do you mean there's no immediate danger? I just heard they're losing oxygen. Can they get back? The LEM's descent rocket engine will be used in aborting the mission... and getting the astronauts safely back to Earth. Recapping what has happened: The Apollo 13 astronauts may be in grave danger. No, don't give me that NASA bullshit! I want to know what's happening with my husband! We want to switch control to the Aquarius now.

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