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2/6/11 Cblog REAP WHAT U SOW; Stephen Chong, Sa-Rang Holy Wave;"If new..challenge..in Jesus name..come to newcomers lounge..look..were all abt training..white & orange..holy wave newest members...if can smile..will teach u how to greet people w/o offending them....5 min prayer campaign..korean language ariel kim,,.."he is lord..I'm alive b/c Jesus lives..let the earth resound w/ praise..for our savior God he reigns..king of glory waits..coming back again..growth journey..desire to grow..want all of u tobe [stephen chong..the high energy pastor]..I had a plan..to start..but was thrown off this mrning..brother ..lay his concerns..out..family..messed me up..satan so good at messing up lives..wreak havoc..god reminding me..gather together..families hanging by thread..ask..god hears prayers..for family..take 30 seconds..pray for families..prayer..we stand in gap..privilege..familes here..holy spirit..whatever difficulty..lord come & visit every home..marriage..child..rectify..redeem..dare to ask..pray god..heal families..u know our hearts..stand in gap..pray for every family..know them by name..situation problem & solution..invade every household..every marriage..all homes..coverd by blood of Jesus..beauty from ashes..galatians 6.7-10..do not be deceived..reap what sow..not weary in doing good..reap harvest..do good to all people..father speak now I pray..hear now from u not from man..water evry soul here..may word come alive..thank u..all god's people say amen..I'm getting all emot. Already..book..some of u know it "good to great" by jim collins..daunting..re level 5 leadership..good is the enemy of the great..if settle for being a "good church" or a "good life" it becomes enemy of great..reap what sow..is it worth it to live good life..? Come to church ..even on superbowl Sunday? ..I see those not honoring god..their lives flourishing..is it worth it..to continue doing what I do for good if not see fruit ? Good news friends..as paul says to galatia..not abt works but abt grace..pail reminding..god cannot be mocked..will reap what sow..share..how god is challenging..keep doing what doing..every time..other pastor comes on board..make fun of u..anointing finger..point & say u will reap what u sow..biblical principles....everything doing..actually sowing something..if watching tv..inactivity is an activity..everything is sowing something..2 patterns..flesh of carnal..or of holy spirit..nothing in between..we reap the same thing we sow, quality & intent..do not be deceived..god cnnot be mocked..whoever sows..from spirit ..eternal life..all sowing..either flesh or spirit...noble intent..if for sake of christ..god will bless it..re quality & intent..in college..studied microbiolgy..hate germs..but not ocd..I work w/ petri dishes..clorox wipes..church restroom,..re washing hands..on floor used paper towel..on floor..kept picking up pieces of paper..I dnt have ocd..could have said "god I'm an ordained pastor..not custodian.." god was saying "do u love me enough to take ownership of..." this is my father's house...how we treat god's house like the mall..no cameras in restroom, altho many in hall..[strange illustration...a bit redundant & despite him saying "not ocd", it sounded like it] do it for god..challenge u..everything ..mundane..boring job..honor god..sowing into spirit..bearing fruit of spirit..or flesh..for lord ..reap wht plant..2nd point..biblical prinpal...divine waiting period b/f the harvest..let us not grow weary ..divine appointed time..god has cycles measured..to the nano-second..don't give up..we live in an instant grat society..3g now 4g..get upset when person in front only doing 65 mph..microwave society..we pray "God give me patience right now' ...gloomy sounds gloomy..wait sounds long..some words sound like what they mean..god in full control..if I look tired today..Friday stressful..pastor..your dt has bulletin duty tomorrow..I had no idea..mixup ..got home..stressed..eating..started texting..nobody responding...finally my dt ..said maybe..came back to church..aa handful..said would come..have bad heart..5pm meeting later..god said why so stressed out ? Uu prayed, been faithful, relax. Will take care of It..suddenly..dt's said would come..31 showed up ..only 2 inserts..hello km had 9 ..god cannot be mocked..friend ..of me & wife..very smart..went to yale..harvard..upenn law..working for law firm..this guy always on fire for god..during his time boston..started chariots of fire ministry..this summer..take time off..said he needed to go on mission trip..his law office made it uncomf..he had to leave..couldn't get new job..seattle area..so humbled.broken..my wife & I in dc area..got interview...said he felt like loser..nobody wants to hire me...got job in dc..wife & I so excited..but befor he left seattle.friend at microsoft told him abt law job..but didn't get it..working killer hours dc law firm..trying to be faithful..wondered what god was doing w/ his life..then friend at microsoft called again..now at microsoft...u know user-agreement license..that none of us read ..his dream job..harvest of fruitfulness..seemed like all for nought..dream job..now has family in seattle..is a waiing time..3rd point..share .bib principal.."we reap more than we plant.."..whoever sows sparingly..reap sparingly..generously..generously..mustardseed...more than ..how good god is..god multiples everything..little boy ..2 fish, 5 loaves of bread..took in hands..Jesus ("can I just share w/ you..") ..why did Jesus take & break & distribute..b/c Jesus first breaks..maybe even your life so it will bear greater fruits later..couple other principles..stand b/f u feb 6 2011..key people made..my af american mentor..he can preach ..one person never forget..not a pastor..sarah han..early 60's was broken by god..told to go on mission trip to asia..whhile there had stroke, paralyzed, husband upset, divorced her..disability checks..knew she was praying for her..visited her small apt..mom says she always prays for her..taking hebrew..seminary said u haven't paid..we will have to de-enroll u..had to plead..guy said he'd give a little more time..went to my sen mailbox..from sara..$120..note..pastor steven..felt god wa asking me to give this to u..paycheck + $120 just enough for hebrw class. God said never forget....think of people who came to christ..sowing seed to keep me in seminary..her vital role..woman gave out of her brokenness..maybe u feel broken..if god can us her..how much more can use each & every one of u..next time.god can use u out of brokenness..noah drunk..isaac daydreamer.joseph abusedm , rahab prostit, david affair, elijah suicidal, jbap ate bugs, mary worried, samaritan divorced, lazarus was dead...but god used these people..god will break & use it..god never fails..will truly reap what sow..this year, same old or offer everything for god..harvest of righteousness..."

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